Offset’s First Performance Since Takeoff Tragedy | TMZ Live

We're going down to Miami now uh Where Art Basel is going on and uh offset and Cardi B were down there and what's Really interesting about this aside from Just the party that and the big event That Art Basel is it was the first time Uh that offset performed since uh Takeoff's death and Um you know look he and cardi seem to be Having a good time Foreign [Music] So it was really good to see offset out And about you know he has been really Really going through it as you can Imagine cardio has quavo and a lot of Other close family and friends of Takeoffs but I think this being his First time back maybe this is something That he needs to kind of help him figure Out how he you know deals with this I Mean he did take the time to say like Hey we're doing this for takeoff but Just see him throw one's cardi by his Side she's talked about actually not Knowing how to make offset happy right Now because he's going through so much It just feels like you know maybe you Know this was like the hug that he Needed through all of the bad times the Start but she is such a good spouse oh She is loyal to the Bone and just so Supportive you know and just the idea of Saying look I'm trying to make him happy

I'm frustrated because I can't I mean But also understanding that he's got a Right he's got to go through it hey I'm Edgar from Brooklyn you had to comment On the takeoff situation or without set I think he should really take as much Time as he needs we've seen tons of Celebrities they don't fully heal from These really close relationships that They've had so I hope you can take a Little more time and hopefully you can Get back to performing and uh in a good Mindset and everything yeah I mean it's Also what happens Um sometimes sometimes the best medicine Is doing what you just did last night You know yeah I mean the question Everyone has is will he and cuevo right Perform together in the future or are They just going to have solo careers we Will see yeah Foreign [Music]

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