Olive Garden Fires Manager Who Said, ‘If Your Dog Died, Bring It In and Prove It’ | TMZ TV

An Olive Garden manager in Kansas has Been fired because of the message he Sent to his employees about calling out Of work but he said our call-offs are Occurring at a staggering rate from now On if you call off you might as well go Out and look for another job we're no Longer tolerating any excuse for calling Off if you're sick you need to come in And prove it to us this is the part Where it got him a little trouble if if Your dog died you need to bring him in And prove it to us What kind of day was this guy having to Be writing that email going if your dog Dies I want to see it who wants a dead Dog in the Olive Garden that's not Sanitary at all the message continues uh He said do you know I'm in my 11 and a Half years at Darden how many days I've Called off zero well guess what he Didn't miss the day for 11 and a half Years but now he's missing lots of days His comments are absurd but the mess you Can see his frustration does this guy Get hired at another restaurant is Chili's going that's management I want That guy [Music]

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