Paris Hilton Says IVF Going Well, Despite Mom Kathy Saying it’s a Struggle | TMZ

Hey Paris Carter how are you guys Hey congrats on your first year of Marriage complete it's in the books some People claim it's the it's the hardest Year of marriage how do you guys find it Oh is that right it was all up Amazing oh that's fantastic and you had A massive party to celebrate yeah It's insane I watched my New Media Company Fantastic How's your IVF Journey going I know it Can be tough I have tons of embryos that are all Just stocking up on a lot of them so Yeah that's great is it challenging at All um your mum said that you know it's A bit of a struggle at times Oh really never been a struggle at all So the process hasn't been that sort of Difficult you know emotionally or Anything like that no we don't talk About that oh that's that's great have You got any have you got any advice for Other women in a similar situation Um my advice is definitely To do IVF you know and you'll find the Right person but I wouldn't just depend On that fantastic I found that perfect House that's so good and last thing way Down the track would you ever consider Adoption at all Didn't I Okay hey thank you so much guys I really

Appreciate your time sorry oh I dropped The dog how are you doing host all of That are you feeling better about Everything no I'll never get over losing Diamond baby So I'm praying that she's out there nine Different psychics all told me that she Is alive and she's with someone so if You're watching please leave my daughter Back Um but yeah I think about her every day And I miss her so much you think that You'll be reunited with her one day I Believe Fantastic hey thank you guys so much

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