Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews Welcome Baby Boy, Patrick ‘Bronze’ Mahomes | TMZ TV

Patrick mahomes's newborn baby boy is Here and it has a unique nickname bronze Patrick is the second his dad is Patrick Lavon Mahomes first he's Patrick Lavon Mahomes II the new baby is Patrick Lavon Mahomes III and we think that the third Obviously is bronze don't care that's The worst name I think that's dope that's even worse You're gonna nickname a kid and you're An athlete wouldn't you want to nickname Him gold but bronze is because the Sibling's name is Sterling so that's Kind of a cute theme why wouldn't you Start with like diamond or platinum can You name your daughter like diamond She's gonna be on a pole hold on my Cousin's name is Diamond don't say that And it's your cousin on a pole I see Sometimes And why'd you say that with a smile Isn't that your cousin sometimes Thank you [Music]

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