Pete Davidson Returns to Instagram With Eli Manning | TMZ

If you're a fan of Pete Davidson and Eli Manning there is good news for you they Have started a joint Instagram account Hello Instagram I have decided to come Back but only with the goat what's up Your bed is so comfortable ah thanks man We've been having a good time in my bed Stay tuned for more photos on the gram They both didn't have neither had ig's Uh Pete's been MIA from IG since 2018 He's made a couple brief returns but Eli's never had one they said well since We don't have one we're starting with Together and they tag each one of their Their posts with who posted it Pete post A photo of Eli in a jumpsuit and said uh Getting Eli crispy and he hyphened it Pete Pete's actually looking hotter These days like I didn't know it was Possible Pete yeah Eli actually has more Swag now there's something about him Like draped across the bed that's like Attractive Pete Davidson reminds me of Those things outside of the car wash That kind of just like oh you're too Close to home with Edwards Good

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