Post Malone Thanks Swae Lee After ‘Sunflower’ Goes 17 Times Platinum | TMZ

Post Malone yes sir how does it feel Like to wake up and be born and like Have the biggest song of all time with Sunflower Um 17 times Platinum I think that's Pretty damn cool and I wanted to say Thank you to Swae Lee Um swaely Did a lot of The writing and the heavy lifting on That song and he's one of the most Talented artists and most beautiful men In the world and I'm so honored to be Able to have done a song with him and we Got some more on the way some special Stuff and um what a beautiful guy and I'm so honored and so happy and 17 times Platinum is insane and I wanted To say thank you to everybody who's Listening and thank you for everything Is it your favorite song of yours I'm Not sure I think they all uh well yeah I'd say so you know what you know Probably one of them I'd have to say so Um it's just it's so cool to see Um it impact so many people in so many Different ways and Um whenever you're happy it makes you a Little happier whenever you're sad Um it kind of brings you out of that Mood it's just Um Just a mat I think it's a magical song And I'm and I'm super honored that um

It's one of the biggest songs of all Time if not the it is right now that's Crazy but yeah that's pretty awesome but Hell yeah

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