Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Get Real About Racism In New Doc | TMZ Royal Tea

Love him or hate him many viewers flock To Netflix to watch Prince Harry and Meghan markle's new docu-series Harry And Megan the first set of episodes were Released on December 8th and though many Bombshells were dropped Megan took a Moment to get candid about the Disheartening culture shock she Experienced when she moved to the UK She says she never thought race would Play such a big part in her marriage Because growing up as a mixed race woman In Los Angeles she was never treated as A black woman or defined by that aspect Of her identity this all changed when She married into the royal family and She says now people are very aware of my Race because they made it such an issue In the UK in another episode it was Harry's turn to get real about a very Serious topic with a lasting impact he Addressed his Infamous costume when he Dressed up as a Nazi for a party in 2005 And calls it quote one of the biggest Mistakes of my life We're only halfway through the series so There's many Revelations yet to come We'll keep you posted be sure to check In for the next installment of TMZ Royalty

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