Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Reveal More Drama in Netflix Series | TMZ

Harry and Megan came with five options On what they proposed and they chose the Middle option half in half out he seems Very put off that they didn't accept What they wanted because the Royals Didn't want them half in and half out Well absolutely but don't even believe That there were five options what you Really saw were Harry's and Megan's Fantasy narrative which they call the Truth And uh we should just uh just Unrealistic he wanted half enough out he Wanted his own cake and eat it and the Royal family said no you're either in The royal family you're not in the royal Family and Um that's really what happened and he's Really now being trying to be terribly Clever but in fact it's just totally Untrue what he's saying what if it is The truth I mean unless you I know I Wasn't sitting in that room and I didn't I haven't spoken to King Charles I Haven't spoken to William but what if This is the truth well the truth is that They want it out but they want it out But still still staying in they want to Be paid and they wanted to what they Call do service to the queen on their Own terms and that was always told uh Harry was always told by Charles over The previous two weeks in their Correspondence that that just wasn't

Possible it is building mostly with Nausea and fury what they're doing Because they're setting themselves up as The victims but in fact they're the Aggressors and uh being very very Aggressive against people who they know Won't answer back and of course that is The weakness of the royal family that They remain silent onto these sort of Attacks Harry is behaving disgracefully Not only is he utterly disloyal to his Father and his brother but also his Mother's memory because Diana would be Absolutely appalled by the way that Harry Is now trashing his brother and his Father and the royal family and his Country the man is a traitor that is how He's regarded here now and Megan of Course is egging him on what do you Think happens with the coronation Um do they go I I can't I can't see a World where they end up going I guess The question is whether Charles invites Them well I don't think he will and I Think they want to come I think they're Building up their own lives now and the Question is really how the royal family Handles it my view is that they've got To uh William needs to give some sort of Considered reply to these attacks on him And the royal family it's a very serious Situation which they've created and They're going to have a fortune out of

It and don't forget there's Harry's book Still to come next month and then at Some stage there'll be Madam's book I Mean they're making a career out of this Stuff and they're getting huge attention And I will add I will concede they're Getting a lot of sympathy both in America and in Europe and especially Across Africa Asia and the Caribbean she They are believed and that is very very Serious problem for the British royal Family and and Britain together

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