Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Using Racism Claim For Attention, Says Biographer | TMZ Live

Your reaction to what Harry was saying About The royal family planting stories Intentionally planting stories to attack Megan well um I'd like to know which Ones the thing about them and it was Very clear in Oprah Winfrey is they make Very wide statements for example the one They made in Opera Winfrey was Interview Which was very serious they said oh There was one person who was racist but They actually have never said who it is So there's a dark cloud over all the Royal family in the same way here Um they've got they're saying they're They're against Megan but they're not Giving or leaking stories about her but They're not giving any examples and I'm Afraid as we found with Megan there were Her truths but not really the real Truths I just do think that you if You're lucky you get someone who brings Out the best in you as a partner Sometimes you get someone who brings out The worst and I honestly feel that Megan Has brought not the worst in him do you Think Angela there's anything to the Fact that as we heard in the documentary People in the trailer that I think why This sticks so much for certainly for Megan and maybe by you know Association For Harry is that she feels that race Had played a big role in this well she's Made that allegation and

Um but there's never been any name Um nobody knows anything about it I mean King Charles he adores the Commonwealth Um he is he's got loads of black friends Chinese friends my interpretation of That if you've got another minute is That sometimes people say Um what color hair is the baby gonna Have and somebody might have said what Skin the baby would have color skin now Megan says it happened many many times During her pregnancy Harry who came on Later in the Opera interview was asked The same question and he said oh no it Was only once and that was before we got Married so we don't know what the truth Was there well Angela you understand That you just you're just saying that King Charles doesn't care about skin Color but why would anybody even bring It up then at all regardless of how it Was brought it up why would anybody Bring it up well I think to be honest Again if you want to destroy something You think of all sorts of ways of doing It I mean if you've got two very Different Um Sights of what happened Um I think the best thing is not to take Any notice of it but Um I think it was just a way of of getting Attention and proving a point it was

Megan's truth and as I said Mega's truth Is not always anybody else's truth

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