Prince William’s God Mom Resigns Over Racist Remarks | TMZ LIVE

Foreign Lady Susan Hussey who is Prince William's godmother and she is the big Focus of the royal family today because She's just resigned uh from a post she Just got uh King Charles had named her Um one of uh Camilla's ladies and Waiting basically lady in waiting she's One of her aides but she has resigned Because of a conversation that went down At Buckingham Palace yesterday according To the CEO of a charity so Camilla was Having a a an event there that was all About the focus on fighting against uh Violence against women raising awareness One of the women you see the black woman Who is attending she is in Ghazi Fulani And she's the CEO of a group called Sister space so she is at this event and She says that lady Hussey approached her And asked where are you from I'm not Going to do British accents but they Both have British accents said where are You from and gazi said I'm British and She says lady Hussey then responded well What are you really from this is going To get bad and she said thought she Meant like what town in Great Britain She said I'm from Hackney Uh and it continues and no it continued And then she's and then lady Hussey says No what part of Africa are you from oh And and gazi responds and says I don't Know they didn't leave any record which

I thought was a very great response I Know people caught that but but it goes On to the point where it's almost like She does not believe that this beautiful Black woman could be a person who lives Where she lives Is the point in Ghazi made exactly from Here and she has to break it down she's Like I'm of African Heritage Caribbean Descent but um British nationality like Right because he was born there uh her Parents immigrated there in the 50s Which is what she ended up saying but You can imagine she felt some sort of Way for the rest of that event she and Once she posted uh on Twitter posted This whole conversation well lady Hussey Was shown the door You've got to think and by the way we Should say Prince William to who and Lady Hussey is his godmother he has come Out and condemned this whole Conversation said there's no place for That in the royal family but you what You got to think is wow what is Meghan Markle going to say on the next podcast Well because yeah exactly she's smart She should say nothing oh I don't know About that Hi Tanaya from Hartford Connecticut Um Prince the prince's right for Condemning that behavior um anti-racism Education is super important I think Especially in Buckingham Palace and with

The monarchy they will probably have a Lot to learn if they want to change like Circumstances like Meghan Markle leaving And like you know decades and centuries Long Um systems of apartheid colonization and Oppression so you know this is just Probably scratching the surface but I'm Glad it's coming to life yeah and you Know the royal family to this point Seems like they've had Um a proper response it's really Fascinating that you know when you're Entrenched the way they are and a Thousand-year-old family and you are Insulated this way right that and and Society has been way faster but it Seemed much faster but now it seems like They can't help the society Uh is creeping in and they have to Evolve to or else Thank you

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