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You know what I watched one episode and You are insane dude you are amazing bro You are sick dude thank you and your Friend what's your name I'm Allison and You're also on the the show as well yeah I'm also an All-Star yeah also So You Think You Can Dance yeah you got more Game than he does and I haven't seen you Yet is that what you're trying to tell Me no she does she does yeah you Definitely want to see her more than you Want to see me before definitely not I Was thinking about this right Right dance dance revolutions yeah yeah Well the people are doing the steps They're stepping with the feet yeah yeah That doesn't make you a better dancer Does it no okay because you'll be Surprised that dancers can't do that yet Like you'll see the non-dancers dude Because if you take them off the game They can this ain't gonna work for you Yeah this is yeah that's not gonna work For you in the club yeah you can't go to The club you'll look kind of foolish you Don't even look that good doing and when They're doing it's just the feet moving And the arms That actually looks really like an Irish You know what I'm saying like So I wanted to see if you guys could Actually do that whole thing where she Jumps on you can you yeah A little validation switch you go over

There By the track am I running into it yeah You better go farther you got to go far You got to go like to the to the trash Can not see listen I'm gonna teach you So listen watch this look okay And that's where you get mixed up you Want these big thing like stuff like That you got to play it smooth and do Something don't be so daring play a Smooth watch we'll show you a little Something and this is something that That the regular homies can do at the Club and get a little you don't have to Do dirty dancing you don't have to bench Press a girl over your head all right I'm ready Foreign I'll serenade you guys ready go you'll Sing I've had the time of my life all Right All right all right are you ready for This oh we got people walking by dude Okay we're gonna let them go through Okay kill nobody The time of my life No I never felt this way before Yes I swear it's the truth You're a dad this the spiral uh Park sex Video right yeah listen I I just wanna I Wanna congratulate that father for a Smacking that dude for all the other Fathers out there like that's that's That's what we all wish we would have

Done that's that was yeah so thank you Very much that was my hand every dance In America in the world that was awesome Do people get a little over the top you Know it is hot you know you do want you Everyone wants to make love listen Everybody wants to make love but is it But doing it in the middle of the park In the summer during the daytime when Kids are around I don't know if I want Something that bad I don't know if I Want it that bad that's that's some That's some good Nookie right there I Don't know this I don't know if it's That good any advice for this guy so he Doesn't he's not a repeat offender Listen just just find just find you Another place This place go under the trees go in the Bushes do something else other than an Open field that's crazy spontaneous It can be great as long as it's Spontaneous for you too and not for Everybody else you know I mean there's Websites for that hey look you're a dad Like you you got you got kids you know They they're what if they're playing Sports and something like this happens Oh I'm a smack I'm I'm gonna smack the Dude just like that it's gonna be smack 2.0 So it's been hey you're always the best Man absolutely thank you so much uh your Boss well partner Allen has said uh that

She's considering maybe leaving the show She's considering wrapping it up in 2020. when the contract ends you've been On the show killing it you know like you Guys you guys have a great relationship Yeah do you think she deserves like a Rest like I mean she works smarter than Anyone in Phoenix man let me tell you Something she deserves everything and More so what she has done Um just a for for culture the culture Kindness and just and doing what you can To give back to the world absolutely and Man you got to remember that that that Daytime TV is an everyday grind yeah you Know what I'm saying so absolutely man She's putting in work she's doing the Daytime show she has her Netflix special Out she had shows on HD TVs you know What I mean so that's absolutely man When she when she is ready to hang it up Man she should absolutely she absolutely Deserves to hang it up I mean people see Her like Oprah you know what I mean it's Like they never stop yeah you know Absolutely but I think they think she's Capable of stopping them because some People say like I I just I don't think I'm capable of right right Um I mean for a little for a little bit I don't know you know she's definitely Gonna dive in creatively do whatever she Wants to do right she's producing a Bunch of shows and I think she's going

To continue pumping goodness into the System right you know what I mean um so I don't know how long that that break is Going to last you know yeah but uh I Tell you what man she deserves Everything if you if you were to gamble On it you you don't you're not betting On forever huh bed no forever yeah I Mean I'm nothing lasts forever yeah I Mean nothing lasts forever but you know We just got to soak up the good times While we got them it's good to see you Man nice hat Playlist all queued up for the special Man Valentine look Valentine's Day is Year round bro We always know the love if you always Feel the love there's extra pressure on A DJ man to queue up the right list for The for the loving man look there's it Honestly there's nothing wrong with also Going back like when all those fails old School r b when nothing about it was Just all about love all r b oh yeah oh Old school RB 90s r b That's it man some Dance love music there is you should get Like a Spotify playlist so I can join in Man I can put it on at home That's what I'm doing hey how's life Been post at the Ellen show man what's It been like uh life has been great man We've been uh honestly having a lot more Time at home yeah is it back in school So life is beautiful man it's good do

You miss it do you miss her like it was Nothing like that dog listen there will Be nothing like that show Um ever again it it it definitely made Its Mark in history and it was one of The greatest places to be in the Afternoon oh that's so nice man do you Get a chance to catch up with her like Now that the show's wrapped up or yeah Absolutely all right we have spoken many Times and yeah you don't have like a Regular sort of Friday night dinner at Ellen's you know like you guys ever Catch up like that no No yeah what could I just ask what do You think the future holds for her like What do you think she'll do next I'm not Gonna lie man we'll have to wait and see But uh whatever it is I hope she wish Her the most joy and the most happiness Like and yeah because she deserves it Man she just like sail off into the Sunset and like just enjoy her time at Home and like you're saying you enjoy More time with your family she could Just you know she's done so much she's Achieved everything you know yeah yeah She's just like you know put the put the Cue in the rack and just enjoy life now Man honestly I think that's what she's Doing brother yeah and I hope she Continues to do that absolutely don't Thank you bro hey my girlfriend good to See you man catch you around bye

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