Restaurant CFO Verbally Attacks Employees With Vulgarity And Racism | TMZ TV

When it comes to running a restaurant There are really only two rules of thumb The first is don't do this your little Mexican pizza illegal pieces like you Shouldn't the people who have money the Other rule of thumb is be sure and have Funny signs for the bathrooms but the Screaming racist obscenities one is more Important the CFO of the July Club in New York City frequent celebrity haunt Of the well-heeled of New York City oh Be well healed do you say a haunt Jason My monocle nearly fell out I don't know What's happening what's happening is he Used the word you all have never heard Before because you're dummies but back To the lady what screamed stuff audio Has emerged of her going in on one of Her bartenders accusing him of stealing Recipes giving them to one of their Competitors the say last Club She goes in on the staffer a Mexican-American gentleman Way Beyond What could possibly be okay Is referring to the immigration service It's so disgusting that's awful there Was two guys and she fired both of them She actually called the police they Denied that they stole anything the Employees have sued her now and they Claim that she actually like not only Did she accuse them of stealing but hit Them during this interrogation well Regardless there had to be a better way

For her to talk to these guys for Example you're a real jerk you stole my Recipes geez you kiss your mother with That mouth angry lady scream us out of Here Disgusting piece of

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