Rich the Kid Shares Takeoff Convo, Says New Deal Worth $40M | TMZ

What did he say to you that talk is like It's like in the video it's like just It's like you're throwing a bunch of Money but it's not really making it rain It's like shut the [ __ ] up So he literally showed you like no I Don't do it like this do it like this Hey so so you literally just finished Brushing your teeth before your Interview Don't want to have stink breath right no One likes stink bugs So he like pushed you to the side or What happened like Be like yo bro you just tripping slap How much were you approximately like Throwing at one time before he told you How to make it rain Yeah Oh my goodness that is so crazy and you Know we um I'm sorry you told me you love me he's Doing to a lot of things what else did He teach you that you might want to Share with us If it's not too much Actually about RCA congratulations A lot of people are like you know Wanting to go yeah give me 40 mil Out of here yeah are you are you kidding So we're getting out of your mouth so That's what made this deal so special All right yeah Just one more question because you know

A lot of people like to go Indy these Days so this is coming from the horse's Mouth that's what made this deal so Special Having a good solid team right it's not About the money sometimes You know The money is not always the most Important thing right So a good team and nothing the best Label RCA I love it thank you

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