Roddy Ricch Hopeful Drake Will Help Again with Canada Border Issues | TMZ

Everybody Rich how are you I mean I Gotta know I mean you're denied you know Entry to the Canadian border a few weeks Ago I mean I got to know like why are They tripping on you police you know I'm Saying the police I mean you told me About it man you know they just was Tripping on me they Came on a tour bus tweaking by the side I mean what about your fans over there I Mean you might not be going over there For a while right yeah I love them you Know what I'm saying and we're gonna Make sure we get to them it just they Gotta they gotta make it right and you Know they can't they can't keep Harassing us like that so yeah I know I Mean have you reached out to Drake you Know for assistance has he pulled out You know maybe he could pull some Strings for you well shout out Jake I Think last time he made a couple calls And you know made it happen for us but You know that's you know who knows you Feel me yeah and I mean I got to ask Somebody what kind of music does the Streets need right now right before Christmas I mean what do we need right Now no feed the streets three it's Dropping this Friday everybody Needs to go get that we got Dirk on that Got uh Ty dollar sign on that must have Did a song with me so it's only right Y'all go get that feeder she's three all

Right well thank you okay to see can I See that chair real quick man that That is nice [Music]

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