Roddy Ricch Wants Everyone To Love Again Following Balenciaga Hate | TMZ

Hey man how you doing it's great to see You Hey listen I gotta ask did you see the Story this morning Omi burned all of his Balenciaga the rapper he said that he Doesn't you know he doesn't mess with That anymore you have a song where you Came check balance Balenciaga Are you thinking about taking that out Of the song or They flew me to Paris yeah Definitely a different experience yes I Never experienced before so I appreciate Them for that yeah and um you know I Feel like we just need to figure out a Way where everybody could get along and Be together yeah you feel like they can Redeem themselves I just feel like Across the board everywhere Everybody you know uh Everybody across the world everybody Across the world need to love each other More yeah show more love they're saying It's not their fault I don't really know the size of it but I Just feel like we all need to just love Each other more Can I ask are you going to be wearing a Like what's the trend rapper should be Wearing it in the meantime they should Be wearing feed the streets three merch Feed the streets three let me ask you Real quick you gave back so much for Thanksgiving obviously you're huge and

Giving back into the community what are You gonna do for Christmas Oh you know we always give back so we Always uh you know find some way I feel Like we're gonna find somewhere yeah Yeah Get back Um Nobody in particular in my mind but I Know that we want to always get back to Compton and we always want to give back To LA because they always give to us

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