Selena Gomez FALLS On SAG Awards Red Carpet!

Selena Gomez falling on the SAG awards red
carpet – and looking flawless doing it may I add – and later ditching her heels is the
most relatable thing EVER! Let’s get into what went down. When we saw what Selena Gomez wore to the
SAG awards, our jaws immediately dropped! After all, she looked STUNNING in this Oscar
de La Renta velvet dress and a $one-million-dollar Bulgari necklace! Sel’s makeup artist shared an Instagram
video of her doing a before-and-after reveal Of her look, to her song “Look At Her Now.” Before or after, we think our girl Sel always
slays! But honestly, Sel was absolutely GLOWING last
night! Once the award ceremony started, we were excited
to see Sel present the award for outstanding Actress in a supporting role. But while she was presenting the award with
her Only Murders in the Building co-star Martin Short, people noticed something was off with
Sel… No like literally something was off. And that something happened to be her shoes! So why was Selena presenting on stage barefoot? Well, for that possible answer, we have to
take it back to before the show started. Cue Selena arriving on the carpet and serving
her gorgeous looks! But while she was on the carpet, poor Selena
stumbled for a quick second and then fell To her knees!  “I hope she’s ok” Thankfully, everything seemed fine with Sel,
and luckily, there were two people nearby Who quickly rushed to help her as she picked
up her shoes and walked off the carpet. But poor thing! Honestly I felt so bad for her! We totally get how falling when all eyes are
on you can feel pretty embarrassing. But, we have to say, even with falling, Sel
still looked flawless! And our girl didn’t drop her crown or $1M
necklace because she is that girl. When video of Sel falling circulated online,
some people were commenting that it actually Looked like her heel broke. If that was the case, then it makes total
sense why she would’ve ditched her heels Completely for the award show. And if you’re worried that this tumble might
have dampened Sel’s spirits – because I

Was really worried that it might have put
a damper on her night – never fear, there’s Been loads of pictures of Sel from inside
the ceremony having an amazing time chatting It up with so many guests. And Selly’s not the only celeb that took
off her shoes at the ceremony! Nicole Kidman was also barefoot while chatting
with Sel and her husband Keith Urban. We love to see it! And hey, I totally get it! These two are speaking to my soul! If you’ve ever worn heels, you know that
things happen, and sometimes, they just need To come off because the pain isn’t worth
it. We’re sure Selena seeing Nicole with her
shoes off too made her feel just a bit more Comfortable. All in all, the internet thought Selena’s
fall and shoe-less moment was super relatable! When this fan saw photos of Sel and Nicole
barefoot, one I-G user simply said, “Who Needs shoes anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️ 
“ Amen to THAT! Someone commented about Selena’s fall, “She
just like me for real.” Finally, another person shared, “First zendaya
now selena 😭 “ Hey, if there are two people who could make
falling in public look on trend and fabulous, It’s Zendaya and Selena! Trust us! And I’m just thrilled that I can now say
Selena and I both have falling on a red carpet In common… and my fall was NOT as graceful
as Sels. On the very first major award show red carpet
I ever covered I was rushing to my spot super Nervous and fell SMACK bang, face plant, head
first…. I jumped back up and didn’t look back to
see who saw… I digress. So hopefully, Sel doesn’t feel too embarrassed
about the fall and can have a good laugh at Herself just like Zendaya did! Because the way she handled the whole thing
just makes us love her that much more! To catch up on what Taylor Swift is plotting
to release next and entertainment news you Might have missed, click right over here for
our Clevver Weekly Recap: Then, head straight to the comments below
and tell me what you think actually caused Selena to fall at the SAG Awards!

And can we take a moment again to appreciate
how good she looked? I’m your girl, Sussan Mourad. Come find me on socials@sussan_mourad and
I’ll catch you later!

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