Shakira Reaches Custody Agreement With Ex | TMZ Live

Foreign Has made a I guess this is a positive Step Um but there's clearly some bitterness Still between her and Gerard PK Um based on some of her music yet they Have reached an agreement Um over their kids over their kids and That's that's the positive part well the Positive is at least for her I mean She's taking they have two kids together She's moving them from Barcelona to Miami next year uh but this was an easy Uh negotiations we know that it was at Least a 12-hour discussion between her Legal team and his trying to hammer this Out don't know if there was any finances Traded back and forth or if she had to Pay him but nonetheless the kids are Going to the U.S and uh supposedly this Is in their best interest now there is Something looming here which is her tax Fraud case where prosecutors want to Send her to prison and I'm wondering if If that factored in here for the kids Moving to um to Miami has a long time Shakira fan I am happy that she is going To be closer to her family Her little cheating acts in Spain but my Family disagreed It yeah allegedly allegedly Um wow I mean I do think this criminal Case it just looms over everything right Now because again she's facing years in

Prison if prosecutors get their way Right so we will see Foreign

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