Shanquella Robinson’s Death in Cabo, Father Believes Attack Was a Set Up | TMZ

It was a they attacked her ma'am it Wasn't no physicality they attacked her Man I mean It seemed like from my daughter was Sleep now you know Um For all of them to be in that room And then you know they come in there Like oh no she woke up or whatever the Way it seemed like they attacked her man And she naked man you know for her Father to see that video ma'am because My daughter is not a fighter man it's Not a fighter not at all For them to do what they did man it just Seemed like they were plot because they Couldn't have did that over here man They could have did they could have did That over here you know when her friends All her friends are you know it wasn't It wouldn't went down like that man they Don't realize you know what they didn't Done man it took a whole they took they Just robbed they just put a hole in my Heart man that was my only child This is heartbroken man You know I can't even be a Granddad I Can't walk it down the aisle man Then he hear a voice They just say Daddy Mom you know came here and say Daddy Can he hears a grandma You know y'all I just don't know y'all just don't know

What that done to me just don't know Ma'am you just just don't know Just don't know just don't know You know I thought she'll be bearing me Not me bearing huh what do you hope Happens in this situation when it comes To getting Justice for your girl Get your charge for it ma'am and then go Back over there and do the time because That's what they did to Crime man and They left for them they left in that House man They left for their for The Maze to find Her but you know how much it paid my Daughter suffered For the injury you know that she took You know she's smaller smaller frame man You know You know put him to sit there ain't Trying to get her no help or nothing I Just want Justice and him I just I'm I'm Just angry hurt Sad All in one man all they want and I've Been dealing with this from day one when I got the phone call and then she had Passed male you know When you say you want them to of course You want them to be arrested and said Sir but life sentence would that is that What you think that they should face Yes and it took a life mail It took a life

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