Shaq Claps Back At Kanye Amid Twitter Feud, ‘You Don’t Know Me Like That’ | TMZ TV

Kanye West has a new Target and it's Shaq so Kanye West tweeted uh Shaq is in Business with Jamie Salter Jamie Salter Is a Canadian billionaire who owns an Apparel company and he says Jamie first Said he's 50 50 with David Beckham and 50 50 with Shaq I said Jamie there's no Such thing as 50 50 in business who has The extra one percent for control and Voting rights did Jack respond yeah Shaq Was kind of upset so this is what Shaq Said he said believe me you don't know Me like that worry about your business And to quote the once great the once Great Kanye West I got more money than You so why would I listen to you it's Your family business in order have a Good day brother yeah Check has done so much I mean the thing That really gets me about him is in the Middle of all of the stuff he was doing With basketball and music and everything Gotta doctorate he got his doctor's Degree in education education from Barry University in Miami oh we had a 3.8 GPA Oh that's that's okay What was your GPA yeah what was your GPA Yeah what was yours a little bit higher I want to pull your transcript I would Love for you to oh look at that Derek Went to Hartford University

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