Snoop Dogg Blunt-Roller Sets Record Straight Over ‘150 Joints’ Claim | TMZ

What happened so you went on a radio Show and said what yeah I was Interviewed for the Kyle and Jackie O Show regarding my um professional blunt Rolling career this kind of me creating A lane for myself carving out a path as A woman uh they were excited about that And then in the interview Um Jackie Owen asked me how many I roll A day and I responded with I typically Do a quarter pound to a half pound a day And then she asked she said is that for Him and I said no no that's for all of My clients combined Um that was then sensationalized to make It as though I said one of my clients Smokes that many or you know anything Like that I've never said anything like That I never ever alluded to what or how Much or anything the client smoked so Basically you said I roll 150 she asked Chester's new you said no and they cut That part out they cut that whole thing Out so then all the Publications then Ran with this super bad you know bad Journalism and uh sensationalized Recording Of something that was literally never Said so I I feel awful Um and as I'm sure everyone else Involved in this mess feels awful Because no one likes to be you know Misquoted yeah and that it's awful for The record I never stated that any of my

Clients smoke any amount or what they Smoke you just said you never said what Their favorite strains are I never said Oh so-and-so likes to smoke this over That because that's private information And honestly I'm not with them 24 7 to Even know what their average day looks Like so you have multiple clients and You roll about 150 joints roughly I said Somewhere between like a quarter pound And 150 a day some days I roll 300 in a Day so it's for multiple people oh my Gosh so many different people some Private clients that you guys wouldn't Know the names of even if I told you Their names and some that I'm never Going to mention anyone's name ever Again he posted it on his Instagram and He said basically he said this is Calling you man have you spoken to Snoop Dogg since this happened not directly I've never directly ever had contact to Him I also don't have direct contact to A few of my other clients I usually talk To them through their management or Their Assistance or whoever is in charge Of their actions they tell you how much To roll you roll it that's it I don't I Mean I'm not I don't this is business Right so I it's what what would you say So so what would you say to Snoop Dogg Now after all oh my gosh I'm so sorry That uh the bad media did did both of us Like this

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