Stephen Amell Wants ‘Peace and Quiet,’ Not Backing Down in Kennel Lawsuit | TMZ

Well just reading up about the animal Rescue thing you're going through now Man that seems like a hassle yeah you You wanted to get them closed down Because of all of the practices that They're doing at the at their rescue Center I just want my family to have Peace and quiet yeah it's just super Noisy at all hours and there are things That you should be able to do in a Residential Zone and there are certain Things that you shouldn't be able to do But I love dogs and we try to be Neighborly it didn't work so you use the Courts right and if that doesn't work Out then What will you do you buy earplugs you Sell the house like what do you what do You do cross that bridge when we come to It but you know what I just it's just it Comes down to like whatever you think The law is I think that we're in the Right a judge will decide but we think We'll be right and but because it's not Zoned for that you don't think and also They've yeah they don't look after the Dogs if I wanted to no it has nothing to Do with i that doesn't matter but I mean If I wanted to run a methadone clinic Out of my house right I could be very Well intentioned but I can't do it Anyway appreciate it hey thank you very Much man I appreciate your time

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