Symba On Rappers Choosing Not to Wear Jewelry | TMZ

So so with Cliff was talking about how All all the jewelry and stuff with Rappers going out of style and rappers Feel lame without it yeah and that says A lot what does it say when rappers feel Lame without jewelry uh growth yeah you Know we all kind of growing up and Realizing like our life ain’t worth it And a lot of things we go through to Kind of shine and put ourselves out There it’s kind of risky in life you Know so yeah it kind of just shows Growth and Hip-Hop a little bit just Showing we are growing up a little bit But at the same time you got the younger Artists who just got in the game and They ain’t got they chance to rock they Chain and body rolly yet so what do you Say to the young artists that that like Are excited but don’t realize like just Be safe be safe make sure you hire Insecurity have some people with you if You ain’t got security at your homies With you uh you ain’t always got a rocky Jury you know what I mean I rock my Dream when I go to interviews and I’m at The studio I just left the studio Session yeah so you know I pulled up to An interview but other than that it’s Just be safe you know I can’t really Tell them what to do or how to maneuver How to act you just got to let them know To be safe Yeah you know what I mean it’s like to

Let people know are you serious because That’s how they view a rapper today yeah Rather than jewelry Jewelry on Get back to the new yeah you know like It should be more about the music than Anything I think some people dress good But their music be terrible yeah you Know what I mean yeah yeah don’t help me Make better music and what people Listening for is the music so what do You think is the rapper that like will Throw their chains in the river and kind Of like set the tone like who needs to Step up and be like nah we’re done I Don’t think nobody needs to I just think It’s timing it’s allowing people to grow Up learn allowing the game to grow up Allow artists to grow up it’s just Timing

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