Symba Says Elon Musk Was Life of Party Backstage at Dave Chappelle Show | TMZ

We was actually uh at Dave Chappelle Show last night and uh Dave Chappelle And Chris show had to show an amazing Show bro they uh it's one of the best Comedy shows I've ever been to but it Was it was a real great show I went with My family we had a good time so uh we Was all backstage and Elon came back There and was just being Elon you know Dave told a good joke right after they Boo so let's see it's great he actually Embraced it he actually embraced it I Think for me at this point It's about what can I learn you know What I mean because Um when you're around somebody like a Snail or Elon Musk or Dr Drake you know Like what questions can I ask to be able To get half as far as you guys have you Know what I mean um so anytime I'm in Those rooms sometimes I'm really kind of Quiet you know what I mean and they'd be Like rap some and I'll just be like I Just want to listen to y'all How was it like performing most times Um as an artist like you move so fast You don't really take time to like Digest everything that's going on but um The other night I I said in it for a Minute after the game you know I had a Long ride home and I was just thinking About everything I did this year and I Was actually talking to a good friend of Mine Sean Garrett and um I was telling

Him like man I'm trying to do this next I'm on this this for my mind he like bro Slow down and appreciate everything That's going on for you right now and I Was like nah you're right so it was a Real some moment the real surreal moment To be able to uh stand on that court and Really like rock the crowd that night Especially in the Celtics you know it's The finals rematch so it was a special Night you know if my guys right there Man you know those my guys right there Draymond's my big bro Steph my guy Clay Thompson my guy uh I just love to see Him play too I'm just a fan of the team I was actually at the game by the night And I was like man they they're so great Because they understand like the ball Moves faster than the person even though They got the greatest shooter of all Time you know both of them they still Swing that ball and get it around or Where they get the open looks so it's Just great to watch it

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