Taylor Swift Concert Ticket Disaster Spurs AG Probe of Ticketmaster | TMZ TV

If you thought the stock market was the Biggest crash of the Year think again Because the Ticketmaster's website just Went down in shambles when Taylor Swift's upcoming airs tour tickets went On pre-sale and it was so bad that Tennessee attorney general is now Investigating Ticketmaster yes AG Jonathan scrametti is taking issue with TM due to the disastrous Taylor Experience that left many fans PO'd and He's even looking into potential Anti-Trust violations basically the the Attorney General is saying that they're Worried that Ticketmaster controls the Market they have no competition There's plenty of people that can come And enter the market what really Happened is the attorney general went Home and his daughter was complaining About this and his wife turned to him And said are you going to do something About this perhaps but the real blame Should be put on those soulless people Who buy tickets to resell them at a Higher price I am sleazy lawyer who Bought six we got it for 275 a piece They're gonna go for at least 650 a Piece Stir seriously who would ever condone Such terrible Behavior oh I respect you Well who knew so good luck Ticketmaster Cause they're coming for you and no we Don't mean the Attorney General it's the

Swifties you gotta be worried about Let's just say they can be a little Extreme I hope we burn Ticketmaster to The ground oh my God hell has no fury Like a Swifty score good luck Ticketmaster

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