Tee Grizzley Clarifies Quitting Hip Hop, Will Rap and Act | TMZ

I was hearing some things like you were That you were you’re out the music and And you’re only like from now on you’re Only focusing on movies And and video games no that’s false That’s false I still do music I still do Music I just got to help not so long ago Okay I mean so so you you know where any Of that came from like what was there Something you said maybe no I probably I Probably was trolling because my album Not just dropped it was all stories you Know I’m saying it was like a series you Know I’m saying stories so I probably Said something like I’m only doing Movies from now yeah yeah so clarifying You’re you’re completely never leaving The music business I mean at least for Now yeah that’s what’s up what do you Want to do that like maybe people Wouldn’t expect out of you Um inactive What I wanted at people is I work at TJ Maxx You want to be like just a character Like that yeah I just want to be the Cashier at TJ Maxx Employees I love that I love that I love That you know what though because Because I feel like people pay with Rappers they’re like oh I got the role For you right you want to come out of Left field I like that yeah thanks but Look bro hey congrats on the new album

All the new materials and no it ain’t True bro my man is staying on the grind With the rap hey thank you bro

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