Terrell Owens Drops Heckler | TMZ Top 3 Week 12/2

Foreign [Laughter] Look at this This is epic Not because that's auntie I can't believe what we see this [ __ ] he Waited for him to come out he buddy Ben Cleared it out Walgreens No yeah Buddy started with Teo Doug I can't believe I just saw this [ __ ] Man that was crazy bro he deserved it Bruh [Music] [Music] Get the [ __ ] out Get the [ __ ] out sleep now get away from My problem don't ever come here again Never ever again leave now I'm serious Keep going [Music] Yeah What is wrong with you man You are such a scammer I'm giving him free you see another Website you're trying to get Her stuff what is wrong with you what is Wrong with you man Enjoy the movie Manual Beat It You guys at least I'm never selling it To you I'm not you know what this guy's doing You have no idea what a scammer and what A loser this guy is no matter what you

Say you don't care about Jack's [ __ ] Wrong with you Guys I want everybody to know that I Love Brian Jones no matter what Okay What what is wrong with you man you know Why aren't you talking about such a Piece of [ __ ] why don't you talk to me About it we could fix it it's the hog S you're [ __ ] serious [ __ ] off

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