The Culture Failed Megan Thee Stallion Before Drake, Says Marc Lamont Hill | TMZ

I think it's not that men took a Different approach to Drake I think they Took they just they took the approach we Always take but I think you know when It's your favorite rapper and Drake's a Whole lot of people's favorite rapper it Makes it a lot easier to not hear it or To ignore it or to justify it Um and we saw that a lot with Drake I Think If one thing surprised me it was how Much anger there was From brothers who were upset that I said Anything about it at all they were Actually like angry That I had something to say about it and And that to me was mind-boggling I mean I don't think it's just the situation I Think Hip-hop Um desensitizes us to misogyny you know I've been listening to rap music since I Was old enough to haven't listened to Any music and remember it and comprehend It and I have heard more than my share Of misogyny and sexism and patriarchy And I haven't always been outraged by it It's not how we're trained to think About things as men as as people in this Society I mean this was something Organized by black women to support Black women you know I wasn't part of The uh the writing of the letter or the Coordination but I was asked to support It I got the the email or the text uh

From my sister uh Tarana Burke Um and I was just Honored to be a part of it I was excited Uh to hear that people were actually Closing ranks to support Megan that Meant a lot to me my job as a journalist My job as a commentator is to Challenge The dominant mindset it's to take what People are just taking for granted as Common sense and saying wait a minute Now maybe this ain't the answer It's getting people to think about Things differently And the extent to which I can do that is The extent to which I'm playing my part In in breaking down this this successful That has become the media world and now That Twitter is privatized and even People with blue checks are making up Wild stuff Um It's even harder so we got even more Work to do

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