The Kardashians-Jenners Throw Christmas Party for All Their Businesses | TMZ TV

Oh Christmas party look at her go yes Baby all right it's a Kardashian Christmas party where everyone gathered To celebrate family friends but more Importantly money money money They were celebrating all of the Daughters Brands so this is like their Office party ish yeah And everyone was there include Your Chris who is dressed like the Million bucks each company made that day Allowed Grand Roku tonight I have on Like good American I've got skips on the Inside I'm drinking eight one eight like Crazy Foreign [Applause] Wow every Kardashian brand was Represented the thing about Rob's sock Company yeah I'm sure Rob's uh sock Employee was there Ow stop we all know it's probably an Intern regardless the employees got Great gift bags which included skims Candy canes and candles and they were All very grateful unlike at some other Companies we know I will say this about Our Christmas gifts every year why are They always branded with TMZ though Because always if you're gonna put TMZ On it don't embroider it it's too hard To rip out the threads hey we love our Christmas gifts we just have a funny way Of showing it congrats on getting richer

And Richard Kardashians honestly we love You guys so much

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