The REAL Reason Selena Gomez & Hailey Bieber Decided To Pose Together!

Why Selena Gomez and Haley Bieber Decided to clear up the rumors Bella Hadid break silence on Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumored relationship That and so much more in today’s show What is up you guys it’s your girl Susan Morad and before we jump into all the Details behind cell and Haley’s photo Let’s look at some other major stories This week to determine if they’re fact Or cap did Camila Cabello just get real About her dating life that is fact During a recent appearance on the Drew Barrymore show carmilla revealed why she Doesn’t do dating apps when it comes to Her love life the first kind of DMV was Like aspiring singer-songwriter from Nashville and I was just like I feel Weird because somebody could be using me Hey fair enough dating apps aren’t for Everyone uh Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson getting back together that is Cap although there’s no plans to Reconcile Pete and Kim are keeping Things very friendly a source revealed To Hollywood Life that Pete has been Checking in on Kim Pete has texted Kim Few times about the whole Kanye Situation because he still cares about Her as a person and wanted to check in To see how she was doing when I divorced Him you have to know it came down to Just one thing his personality does Bella Hadid support Gigi Hadid and Leo

DiCaprio’s rumored relationship uh That’s apparently cap and Insider Recently revealed that Bella thinks that Gigi is too good for Leo and the way he Left to Gigi seemingly without a thought For his previous girlfriend gives Bella The Shivers The Source went on to add Her worry is that Gigi could wind up Hurt and embarrassed Bella is clearly Just looking out for her sis did Taylor Swift Just announce her long-awaited Tour that is fact stay confirmed through Her UK website that her Midnight’s tour Is happening all fans who pre-ordered The new album get a special pre-sale Code for the forthcoming and yet to be Announced Taylor Swift UK show dates Life made did Olivia Wilde confirm those Rumors from her former Nanny’s bombshell Interview that is Cap but she did give Followers her salad dressing recipe Olivia and Jason gave a joint statement Denying the nanny’s claims but she then Posted this image to her Instagram Stories it’s a page of Nora ephron’s Heartburn and Olivia’s special dressing Might be straight out of a novel be Right back need to make a salad Selena Gomez and Haley beber decided to put all The rumor drama behind them once and for All wow look at them now I think we will All remember where we were the moment When pictures of Selena and Hayley Posing together at the 2022 Academy

Museum Gala hidal feed these pictures Really did break the internet and cause A huge Frenzy online now a source is Telling in news exclusively why Selena And Haley decided to form a united front In spite of all the drama surrounding Their personal lives and their rumored Feud The Insider shared they were at the Same event and were asked to take a Photo together they agreed and decided To clear up the rumors once and for all They wanted to show that there’s really No hate between them and that they are Both in a good place it was a moment and An opportunity to put all the noise Behind them and they took it and just Like that history was made and after Haley and Selena’s recent run in and Photo op it’s clear they’re moving on From any drama a source close to Haley And Justin explained to E news Hayley And Selena had a great moment together On Saturday and she’s happy they could Squash any tension this is something That has been weighing on everyone’s Shoulders for years and Hayley feels Relieved Haley and Selena obviously Don’t speak regularly but Haley is Relieved to know if they see each other At events it won’t feel stressful or Awkward as for how Justin feels about Haley and Selena’s Gala moment another Insider revealed that Justin is very Happy that Haley and Selena can be

Cordial in public and put the past Behind them and that it’s a relief that They can be in public together and show That there is truly no bad blood Honestly I was so shook when these Pictures hit my feet I did not see them Coming I don’t think anybody did before The pictures came out I saw that they Were at the same event and I was so Curious about how things would play out If they saw each other especially Because it was only a few weeks ago that Haley sat down for her caught her daddy Interview so I was pleasantly shocked And surprised to see them with their Arms around each other posing wow I Think these pictures speak volumes and I’m happy for both of them because I’m Sure it would always feel a little Awkward if they knew they were going to Be at the same event together now with These pictures they can leave all the Drama behind them once and for all Meanwhile I would love to know exactly What was said thanks so much for Watching I’ll see you next time bye

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