Tia Mowry Says She’ll Try Pepsi and Milk Trend with a Festive Twist | TMZ

So Pepsi is pushing people to pour milk In their Pepsi Pepsi is pushing people To pour some milk in their hemp seeds so It's like an eggnog soft drink I mean Would you ever try this viral Trend I Mean yeah because you know what I kind Of think of it like coffee right so Pepsi I'm sure it has caffeine in it Right yeah so whenever I drink my coffee I always like to do what the bread stew Which is pour milk and there's already a Lot of sugar in the Pepsi I'm pretty Sure so it's like a a fizz My eggnog so I would do the Pepsi the Milk and maybe a little bit of rum there You have it I love that you're promoting A cookbook I mean what are some dishes People can cook for the holidays some People should stay away from Oh how about you hi uh let's see what Could greens I love collard greens That's a staple in my house stay away From maybe if you don't have any Experience deep frying the turkey causes A lot of accidents yeah you don't want Your house to go up in Flames so

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