Tommy Fury Says He’ll Knock Out Jake Paul Inside 4 Rounds | TMZ

Well he's done very firmly you know Jake Paul is the next man on my hit list and He has been on my hit list for some time And you know they say a Third Time Lucky Um you know I definitely feel like this Fight will happen this time and I've Said you know I feel straight after the Fight if this fight doesn't happen it'll Be through no fault of my own so uh me And my team Frank Warren everyone Involved with myself who's working Diligently to get this fight over the Line and there's there's calls being Made right now you know everyone's being Very proactive so this fight should take Place definitely I think I saw where Frank Warren said hopefully this will be Finalized next week is that is that the Feeling within the team Yeah definitely like me and my team want To get this done as as soon as possible Because uh you know I'm not going I'm Not going out of training you know I had That on Sunday the exhibition um and Then straight back into training you Know there's no days off I want this Same science field and delivered you Know um as quick as possible and so yeah It'll be no fault on my part you know I've got my team on it everybody's you Know lawyers everyone's working Endlessly around the clock and just try And get the best deal we can and get This fight over the line how bad do you

Want this it's the fight that the entire You know fight World wants to see it's Been going back and forth it seems for Years Yeah definitely you know what I want This fight more than anything Um because it's a chance for me to put Everything that I've been hearing for The past two years to bed Um and it needs to be put to bed because At the end of the day this money is not In my class he's not in my league um He's a YouTube fighter that's what this Man is I am a proper fighter from a Fighting family you know I've got I've Got aspirations of winning world titles I've been a professional since 2019 Boxed amateur one titles as an amateur I'm a fully fledged boxer and um I will Prove that this man is not Is there anything that impresses you With him as a fighter I mean we haven't Seen him in there with a boxer yet like You just said Yeah no that's exactly the reason why Nothing impresses me of what he's done So far because anybody can fight you Know anybody you know make it look good You know if I pull two guys out this Hotel now and told him to have a fight In the middle of that thing there Because they're both at the same level It would look good the people always Been fighting and not boxers so this

Will be the first test for him and Everybody will see what I've been saying This whole two years fight a boxer and You'll see what happens to him and just Very basic very very basic stuff beats Jake Paul um you don't you don't need to Be you know a little better to beat him I believe he loses to any amateur boxer You know anybody who's got an idea of The sport of boxing and what it entails Will be Jake Paul and you'll see me run Rings around him come next year Tommy What are we looking at in terms of Location how big of an arena are we Looking at the O2 we're looking at Wembley Yeah definitely I mean um I feel like This fight is a Wembley fight I feel Like I do 80 000 very comfortably you Know because if you ask anybody walking Down the street on Saturday night if you Want to go and watch Jake Paul versus Tommy Fury at Wembley you know Everybody's going to say yes uh I Believe it's a massive massive Pay-Per-View event and it's a massive Event in itself in the UK and because Both of us are very normal obviously Jake's known you know very well in the UK you know most of my fan bases in the UK so I think he's a big seller over There and my team will work endlessly to Try and get the best Arena slash you Know Stadium we can for that fight when

Two undefeated Fighters get in there you Know somebody's always gotta go do you Have a prediction for when this goes Down what the fight how yeah this fight Does not this fight does not go the Distance and there's no chance in hell Because I won't let it go to the Distance I am not gonna get in the ring And look to out Point Jake Paul I'm Gonna I'm gonna be in that ring looking To take his head off with every single Punch and calculated you know they'll Always be calculated but there's just no Way you know in my head I can't I can't See it going past four rounds I can't Because the man slips up too many times And and I've watched him diligently now And I know what he does inside and out And I know from a fighting perspective The only way you can get better is with Fights and at the end of the day he's Not going to improve any more from his Last fight what I've seen I've seen many Flaws in his last fight and he's not Going to improve any bit When he gets to meet his he'll only have Had that last fight you know the only Way to get better in his boxing game is To get underneath them lights and have Fights you know he's very early on his Career at the end of the day I had 12 Amateur fights I know it's not a lot but It's still 12 more fights than he had I Won titles and I've I've thought actual

Boxes my entire career whether they be Journey my journeyman or not there's Still proper boxes so um I can see Everybody will see the golfing classes Come Fight Night Not only did you and Jake get into it After the fight your dad did your daddy Went super viral what did you think of Guys the ethics in the ring Yeah yeah it was cool definitely I mean My dad's a hell of a character you know My dad understands his business he Understands it you know it's Pay-per-view It's Entertainment and That's exactly what you get with a few Years only you know Tyson my dad and me Everybody with the last name Fury they Know about this business and uh we're in The business was selling fights Um and this is it you know it went viral And everybody wants to see this fight 10 Times more now Tommy it seems like we're getting close To the to this fight being made what's Your message to Jake Paul whoever he Might be right now Message to Jake Paul to show up on Fight Night no excuses from my plot no excuses From your part that's like on the line But you will not be talking about boxing Ever again after I get my hands on you And that's a promise

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