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[Music] Thank you [Music] You know we gotta ask you you know Kelly Bowman stood up for Chris Brown at the Amas do you agree with her that maybe What she's asking me about Chris Okay no we love Chris you should have Been there Do you think that like people should Just move on from what happened and like Like honestly I think that shouldn't Even be a conversation anymore it's About his talent they should they just Shouldn't cancel the performance that's How I feel about it right I appreciate You I don't want to impress you thank You so much no no you're fine I just Think people should deserve people Deserve to be able to grow and learn and Be able to live their life without Things hanging over them everybody Deserves that yeah so get him especially So have to know your thoughts on people Bullying Chris is it sad to see you know What I believe That Grace is very real and we all need A dose of it and before we point fingers At anybody we should realize how Grateful we are for every moment that we Get for even even our our own things That we have I just think it's important To remember to be human We are humans and

Yeah do you feel like he needs to he Needs to be forgiven for like you know What he did I mean you know what we all Need to be forgiven for anything that we Could be doing anything that we're Thinking we all come up short in some Sort of way and Grace is real and and we Are humans And everybody deserves grace period have A good day I know you too bye Um [Music] [ __ ] are you guys just gonna Leave in there

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