Tory Lanez Defends Iggy Azalea’s Live Show Following NFL Game | TMZ

You’re producing it right yeah I’m gonna Be executive producing it we’ve been Working on it like for like a solid two And a half months and then she went on Tour so we about to get back to it now Do you think because I mean look numbers Like you think you can see the icky like The OG like Fancy Iggy numbers is this The real comeback of course you got to Think about this is somebody who’s Really Diamond before yeah you know what I’m saying like a certain Accomplishments you can’t take away from Somebody and one thing I know about it She has an incredible fan base so but She has some NFL footballer hating on Her uh halftime performance yeah on Sunday okay Sunday she she did a half NFL halftime show for the Raiders yeah And you know he kind of Pander a little Bit what do you say you know he Basically said oh I gotta hey I’m gonna Be depressed low-key because I I gotta Sit through this uh this Raider game Which is like foreign [Music]

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