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Foreign Let's get to Tory Lanez because his Trial in the Megan the stallion shooting Case is about to begin and actually they Already already had a joy selection Going on so technically the trial has Started but he has just been hit with a Third felony charge now which certainly Seems like really bad news for him Um and that charge is negligent Discharge of a firearm What seems odd to me is that he's being Charged with us now that seems like Something they easily could have charged Him with You know years ago quite honestly Because this is a now more than Two-year-old case Um and he did plead not guilty to the First two uh charges that he was slapped With which basically were carrying a Loaded and yeah And then also you know assault with the Firearm as well so I think what you're Actually seeing here is good news for Tory Lanez I think what prosecutors are Doing is they're attempting to hedge Their bets because they might not be Able to prove the elements of the crime Of the assault so in order to prove Assault you have to show an intentional Act you have to show that you intended To actually make contact with someone And that you did I think what we're

Seeing here and Tory Lane's been talking About this for a while that it may not Have been intentional that there may Have just been an accidental discharge So now you're seeing a charge of a Negligent discharge of this weapon Giving the jury something that may be Able to convict him for without actually Saying that he intended to do anything Wrong oh so this is that interesting Tactic on the prosecutor's part Um and I Jason do what you just said That this is may actually be good news For him it seems like Tori is taking it As good news because uh hours after that Third charge was added he tweeted Something uh quoting a Bible verse but You know he says I Um no weapon formed against me shall Prosper and every tongue that rises Against me in judgment shall be Condemned Uh sit and watch now don't ever question The God I serve again this is my last Tweet and it certainly sounds like he Knows something good is coming yeah and He's definitely remaining positive he Has always maintained his innocence Since the very beginning obviously Mega Stallion has come out publicly claiming That he was in fact the one that shot Her in the foot he has said nope that Never happened Um and we actually even saw him out with

An angled monitor on because he has been On house arrest since all this has been Going on and he was all smiles very Happy so it doesn't seem like he's Bothered at all and I think even if he Is bothered at some point about this Right because like at the end of the day This is taking a lot of time a lot of Energy like a railroad it railroaded his Career for some time I think that now uh Like till Jason's point there is kind of A silver lining here where I don't know If we'll ever really know fully what Happened that night but we do know that Someone was shot but it makes it seem Almost as if now kind of Tori can kind Of go into like a little bit of a Redemption or so he feels anyway he is Certainly you know what I mean because I Don't think they were ever going to Figure out who shot the gun because There were more people there than Tori But we know that something did happen And you know Meg is gonna have to deal With that but now I think people were at One point very like harshly coming Against Tory Lanez so maybe he's feeling Like you know whatever is about to Happen and the fact that this new charge Is introduced however however his Lawyers explained this third charge to Him He feels good about it oh very much Uh hi my name's Adrian also called Brown

And Bella on Twitter and I'm actually Happy that they're charging Tory Lanez With more felonies he's done nothing Except for troll and harassment ever Since the situation started his 15 Minutes of fame need to be up Um America loves nothing more than to Lock people up so let's throw the book Adam lock him up and then when we're Done and he gets out let's Deport the Munchkin Menace back to Canada we're Done with him honestly we're over it I haven't heard that nickname before Um surprise it's been two years that This case is going on and hadn't heard That nickname Foreign

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