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[Music] Okay I think we might have a late Contender in 2022 for trial of the Year Obviously everyone thought dep and heard Was it but I got to tell you this Tory Lanez trial uh for allegedly shooting Megan the stallion is heating up uh After Megan took the stand yesterday she She said the highlights there where she Said that uh Tori offered her a million Dollars if she didn't say anything to The police about the shooting Um she also said that she saw him Absolutely saw him with a gun in his Hand and heard him say dance [ __ ] dance So She's completely refuting this whole Theory on his uh by his team that it was Kelsey the best friend Megan's former Best friend who did the shooting Speaking of Kelsey she took the stand Today and it turned into total chaos in The courtroom uh because She was called by the prosecution But didn't really seem uh down to answer Some of their questions yeah he goes Right off the bat she walked in with her Counsel asked for immunity she said I Want immunity otherwise I'm going to be Pleading the fifth or I'm going to be Taking the fifth on the stand the entire Time the prosecutors agreed I think they Gave her use immunity Derek can talk on That a little bit later but basically

Use immunity from what I understand and What I've read on Twitter I'm not a Lawyer myself but from what I understand Use immunity means we're not going to Prosecute you based on anything you say On the stand today it does not protect Her from anything big picture they might Learn overall in this case now with that Said she got her immunity she took the Stand but despite that she was being Very difficult and evasive the Prosecution was trying to get her to Kind of detail what happened she she Recounted the whole party thing Basically confirming that yeah Kylie Kicked her out Megan was acting Belligerent uh her and Megan left Together at first then Megan went back And said I forgot my slipper Tori was Left behind with Kylie and then Megan And Megan and uh they all eventually end Up and the three of them end up in this SUV correct leaving the party correct And that at that point at that point Tori reveals hey uh Hey Kelsey I've been Sleeping to make the sound behind your Back it erupts into a big fight Kelsey Says uh all of them arguing bickering Back and forth and then uh the Prosecution asks uh did Tory Lanez Threaten to shoot you uh she was like do I have to answer that I want to plead The fifth the judge says no you got to Answer it she says yes ma'am he did the

Prosecution presses for more details and Context when did he when did he say that She says I really don't want to answer This and they finally broke and it was Very explosive and obviously causing a Lot of confusion I would argue for Jurors what's going on why is she asking For immunity to the average layperson Especially because you're right because The Prosper because prosecutors call Choose the prosecution's witness And she's being so Derek I I don't well How does that play to the jury because You know I would be confusing it seems Like there's some Mixed signals oh absolutely This is Highly irregular usually a trial is Plays out like like theater you know the Prosecutors know exactly what questions They want to ask and what answers it's Going to elicit now Kelsey uh getting up There and asking for immunity live when That's usually handled well in advance So that they know the testimony that's Coming out and the only curveball will Be the cross-examination from Tori's Side but this should have been a Prosecution's witness and to see this Chaos unfold in this way is going to get In the minds of the juries now I wanna I Want the jury members now I want to Emphasize though that her asking for Immunity doesn't mean that she's trying To hide that she shot uh you know Megan

And stallion in the foot it doesn't mean That at all it just means that she's Given a lot of statements to law Enforcement uh in the lead up to this And her testimony to the extent it's Inconsistent she doesn't want to be on The hook uh for sort of lying to law Enforcement officers and and brought up On charges herself so she's asking for This immunity to protect herself from That kind of charge well isn't this all Favorable to Tory Lanez because if I'm Tory Lanez defense team I'm trying to Confuse the jury worry and make everyone Think well it could be them it could be Kelsey maybe Meg's involved absolutely Look Tori if you're sitting in court Usually you think you have to wait for Cross-examination to poke holes in a Witness but he gets to just sit back and Watch this thing implode in front of the Jury and the prosecution has to deal With this this is a great day for him in Court because it adds a lot of chaos to The presentation of the evidence needed To convict him and that's and that's why We're waiting for what's going to happen Right now when she's back on the stand Now and we're hoping or at least fans of Hers are hoping that the prosecution can Straighten this out and get their ducks In a row and clarify the narrative here And get her to testify yes I saw Tory Lanez shoot mag this island that's all

They need her to say and testify to Today she but one very thing that a very Important thing is when she was asked Whether or not she shot Megan the Stallion she she kind of laughed that Off she said that's ridiculous she did She said it was ridiculous she seemingly Denied it there yes so that's her Denying the theory that that Tori's team Is laid out there Um this is going to get really really Interesting because You know I know Tori just needs to Create a reasonable doubt But if she's asked Point Blank if Kelsey's Ass Point Blank if she did it And she says no and she's also saying That Tori threatened to shoot her That part doesn't look good for Tori I Know the chaos overall is good but those Two things do not look good for Tori my Name is Kyla Coleman I am actually an Attorney and I'm here in Atlanta Georgia This is a very very interesting case the Interesting thing about Kelsey is the Prosecution probably already knows that She wasn't going to get on the stand and Behave she's what we call a hostile Witness so the good thing about a Hostile witness is unlike with your Regular Witnesses where you have to ask Open-ended questions you get to actually Treat the Hostile Witness like a Cross-examination so they don't have to

Ask open-ended questions they can ask Yes and no questions which is how they Can boil down to ask did you actually Shoot Meg the stallion and get a yes or No response from her so that's a really Good thing I don't believe Tori I've Seen some videos of him after after Court I can see it in his eyes that he Shook that he's scared what they're Trying to do is just muddy the waters Here to just because they have a bad Defense also Tori bringing his kid to Trial a five-year-old child I didn't catch what city you're in where Are you I'm licensed In the floor I live in Atlanta Georgia Listen Charles we don't need to hire any Lawyers here but if we got enough Lawyers listen fly me out I'm there let Me analyze this case I'm there all right Okay we'll get back to you [Music] [Music]

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