Ty Dolla $ign All for Ye’s Music Streaming, Charts Pairing Hip-Hop and R&B | TMZ

So you've repeatedly told people you're Not a rapper for years how does it feel To finally see yourself get classified On Billboard as r b and Hip-Hop it feels Amazing shout out to billboard shout out To team dollar my fans I think uh You know my nose look amazing today what Let's have What what what are they different uh you Know no smoking no smoking but kisses Kisses and a skulls Why do you have them like that because That's what I wanted to do let me do What I want I guess let me ask you this Though how how important is it to keep The the Lines Blurred between hip-hop And R B and raps uh I don't think it's Important to keep the lines blue we can Come together one thing to keep them to Keep them separate I mean I don't think We should keep it separate I think we Should just make good music and bring it All together music is what brings Everyone together you know yeah There's people everywhere that'll hear a Song and And all love it and then you'll see them All together in one venue and they Probably would never kick it yeah so It's good to just incorporate all of it That's why is it important to you Because billboard finally started Classifying you as Uh as hip-hop and R B I appreciate the

Love man you know I make all different Types of songs yeah all different types Of genres and music so you know you're Gonna see me in every yeah every Different one can I ask this are you [Music] No it's not going to get removed yeah You think that's the right move to keep Them keep them on keep Kanye yeah of Course it like if uh if you if you do Take off his songs then it's gonna start Affecting other people that didn't do Anything wrong I think everybody gonna Be all right

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