Tyson Foods CFO Seen in Body Cam Video Arrested in Stranger’s Bed | TMZ TV

Fayetteville Police Department You're not in your house best arrest Video potentially ever it is of the heir To the Tyson's food Fortune he got a bit Drunk a bit Accidentally broke in to somebody's House and fell asleep in their bed you Have two options either one is he sit up And put your clothes on or two you go to Drill just like you are right now The funniest thing about the video Though is that he refuses to like he Just wants to go back to bed They shouldn't let him sleep for a Little bit he got booked for Criminal Trespass and public intoxication he is So cozy so I have a question so she sees This guy and then the police come and She realizes it's the Tyson the guy who Is the heir to the Tyson Fortune he is Insanely wealthy Harvard standard Preferred educated she sees the cops and She goes what are you guys doing here

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