Uvalde Shooting Victims’ Families Disgusted With Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Reelection | TMZ

You know we're we're struggling Um We miss our baby I miss my baby We've really thrown ourselves into Activism to try to prevent other moms And dads from feeling what we're feeling From going through what we're going Through And that's my appeal was always to just Reach moms and dads nothing political Just Do you love your children do you care About them do you want them to be safe When they go to school do you want them To return home to you if so then you Need to be working with us you need to Be voting responsibly you need to vote For leaders who also care about your Children That's not Abbott Um to see that that connection didn't Really land I don't know what else to do if 21 lives Wasn't enough what is you know I was Disappointed but not surprised that Texas didn't come out to vote for bet Though Um we're a red State and I knew that it Was an uphill battle But seeing the numbers from Uvalde was I mean it's disgusting this is our Community this community should care About our children about the two

Teachers about the families that are Left behind Um they watched this tragedy unfold and They saw that Abbott has done nothing Since and they still voted for him I don't even know what to say to them Especially to this community Um it's We're not going to stop you know we're Going to continue to fight Um our strategy is is shifted now I Think we thought you know if Beto wins We'll have someone on our side someone In our corner and a reasonable person to Discuss what to do with guns and how to Save children and that's not what we got But that's that's not going to stop us We're going to continue to fight Um Abbott will be held accountable he Will answer to us if there was any Conversation he was even open to about Having reform would you be open to that Meeting Uh yes if he was going to discuss You know sensible gun laws what we can Do to protect our constitu his Constituents Um I would be open to that conversation I would have to know that he is going to Back raising the age to purchase assault Weapons from 18 to 21 these are weapons Of war they don't have a place in our Country but especially not with 18 year Olds there's no reason an 18 year old

Should be able to go and purchase an Assault weapon I Wish that something like that had been In place before and he had that Opportunity and didn't and that is why My daughter is dead

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