Was Selena Gomez Attacked By Britney Spears?!

Do Selena Gomez and Britney Spears have Beef Kylie Jenner responds to rumors Travis Scott cheated on her that and so Much more in today’s show before we jump Into all the cell and Brit tea let’s Look at some other major stories this Week to determine if they’re fat or cap Did Kylie Jenner respond to rumors Travis Scott cheated on her well According to fans that’s facts after Kai Posted this Instagram post the internet Suggested that she might be clapping Back by wearing Travis’s underwear fans Obviously went off in the comments Section regarding her outfit toys and Let’s just say they did not hold back Did Adele call Taylor Swift one of the Greatest songwriters of Our Generation That’s facts in a recent interview Adele Was asked if she had listened to Tay’s Midnight’s album yet and that’s when she Responded I haven’t but I have it the Only reason is because I’ve been in Rehearsals I think Taylor’s one of the Greatest songwriters of Our Generations I mean did she lie did Taylor Swift Confirm that speak now Taylor’s version Is the next re-record that’s not Entirely facts but there is a stack of Easter eggs in the Bejeweled music video Hinting that might be the case Taylor Stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week to Discuss her record-breaking album

Midnights we all know Taylor lives to Leave Swifty’s Easter eggs in her Projects this has maybe the most Easter Eggs a psychotic amount It is like We have a PDF file For the for the Easter eggs in this Video while there’s way too many Easter Eggs to mention the most convincing ones Pointing to speak now are she pushes the Button for the third floor in the Elevator that’s purple purple being Speak now her third album and the 13th Floor is the same color 13 symbolizing Her 13th release just like her red and Fearless eras match up to the buttons Her songs Enchanted and Long Live can be Heard at the beginning and the end of The video both of them speak now also The dragons we see at the end of the Video I had the time of my life fighting Dragons with you from Long Live she Wears s and n Clips in her hair speak Now perhaps the Bejeweled video was Released on the 12th anniversary of Speak now Laura Dern who plays her evil Stepmother tells Tay to speak not she’s Seen on a clock reading three o’clock The list goes on and midnights will Become my afternoon if we were to list Them all here but let us know what other Easter eggs you guys have found is Drake A fan of his little like Izzy that’s cap Drizzy is so over easy as he recently

Sent the impersonator a cease and desist Izzy shared the news on Instagram Writing I got this cease and assist Letter from OVO a couple of days ago and As a respectful birthday gift to Drake I Changed my name from Izzy Drake to Izzy Famous is he famous I just don’t enjoy it it’s not an Enjoyable experience for me and I don’t Like any of you Uh Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson back Together That’s cap while there hasn’t been an Official reconciliation we know of some Fans were quick to notice when Kim Posted this photo of some flowers she Received that there was a Jasmine candle The internet then came in with their Thoughts and theories on why they were From Pete himself now let’s be real While they could in fact be from Pete Himself it is also possible that he may Have gifted them as a friendship gesture Thank you for making me watch your nine HBO specials and the new one on Netflix While you sat next to me and you mailed All of the words Britney Spears has Finally addressed those Selena Gomez Feud rumors so let’s break it all down Brit and cell are both Queens period and It was such a nice surprise for fans to See that Selena was one of the very few Special guests Brittany had at her Intimate wedding earlier this year which

Is especially why fans were confused About Britney’s recent post that looked To be aiming shade at Selena based on The caption taking to social media Posting a carousel of red bikini pics Brittany wrote Don’t you just love the Nerve of women who stand firmly getting Awards and speak on their beliefs about Not showing their bodies on Instagram They say this is not something I would Do yet those women are the very ones who Get four million dollar budget videos Made about sucking and licking on Homemade ice cream Brittany went on to Say yet giving righteous speeches Shaming other women for exposing their Bodies I would like to tell those people Don’t be a hypocrite as you suck on your Lollipop having huge budget dreams why Would you stand firmly against girls Getting attention just like you and they Have absolutely nothing so why do fans Believe that this was Brit taking aim Itself back in 2016 Selena delivered a Powerful speech while accepting an award At the American Music Awards where she Talked about not wanting people Flaunting their bodies on Instagram I Don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram I want to see what’s in here I’m not trying to get validation nor do I need it anymore many believe that this Was the specific moment woman and award Show Brittany was referencing which was

Actually six years ago but that wasn’t The only sign that people believed was Pointing to Selena being the subject of Britney’s Post in August 2020 Selena and Blackpink dropped their collaboration Track ice cream and epic music video Which shows all the women licking ice Cream while singing and dancing Naturally fans couldn’t help but notice The similarities between the description Of ladies licking ice cream in Britney’s Post and the ice cream music video that Wasn’t the first time fans had been Confused about Instagram comments that Seemed to be directed at Selena not long After news broke of Selena’s upcoming Documentary my mind and me Britney Shared this image with the caption my Mind and me oh it what’s in my Mouth fans have also pointed out that Britney has shared this image of Selena Four times for no apparent reason but Brittany has now finally put all the Feud rumors to rest in a lengthy Instagram post in summary Brit wrote let Me clarify what I said had nothing to do With anyone specific at all I apologized My ignorance but I didn’t even see the Video for ice cream that Selena Gomez Who I genuinely look up to and have so Much respect for had made Brit shared That the music video she was referencing Was Milkshake by Kelis she went on to Add as for the beautiful queen Gomez I

Got to be surprised by her on my wedding Day and was completely in awe of her I Would like to tell Selena which she’s Probably not even aware of trash news That her music has gotten me through Lots she went on to add that Sil made Her Dreams Come True by coming to her Wedding and she is the one person she Always wanted to meet I’m so embarrassed Thanks so much for watching I’ll see you Next time bye

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