‘White Lotus’ Star Haley Lu Richardson Rebukes Viral Fashion Backlash | TMZ

You play Jennifer coolidge's assistant Yeah who hasn't easier you or the Assistant in real life Um Oh you mean Jennifer his actual Assistant definitely Jennifer's Assistant because Jennifer's nice yeah Tanya's like you know chaotic and Everything but she's also kind of like Just selfish and like me would you be Jennifer coolidge's assistant in real Life yes 100 yes 1 000 anything to hang Out with her anything to hang out with Her yes what's your favorite thing about Jennifer Coolidge Um Her the way she says hi She said it to me every morning can you Do an impression of her no because Everyone would on me because I'm Really bad and Impressions we wouldn't Yes you would Yeah I listen I don't I love your outfits on The show I think that they're great yeah Haley do Like three months okay I do it wait yeah Anything that like people have some fun Of outfit why is it neat is there Anything people have made fun of outfit Wise they could be a part of their Trend In like a year from now well here's the Thing that I don't understand I wear This bucket hat in the show here I wear this bucket hat in the show and I

Think it's so cute and I thought Everyone liked bucket hats and Everyone's been sitting on my bucket hat On Twitter and I actually crocheted it So I'm actually a little bit sad you Crocheted yourself I crocheted myself And then there's like tweets with like Thousands and thousands of likes being Like poker in her bucket hat no and I Made it

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