Whitney Cummings Taking Jokes To OnlyFans Because Twitter’s Full of ‘Dorks’ | TMZ

I'm hearing some some Rumblings that You're on only fans I'm on only fans now I'm making the first uh TV series too We're gonna do some roasts back to like The old school the roast the way you Know we used to do them yeah like where Where people are not allowed to get Offended kind of that's exactly exactly So I gotta ask though um you know There's people probably gonna be like yo What else does it be getting on only Fans can you let us set the record Straight on that because I'm sure you're Not like oh that I'm putting jokes not Only fans no that you're like you know People are only fans I don't know if you Know but they're doing a lot of nudity And stuff and uh yeah is that happening Or not shoot it really you know and then I take a NyQuil and things get crazy You never know with me oh my God but but More importantly this is a new like Setup I've never heard anybody doing This a series yeah yeah it's a it's a Brand new platform you know it's like I Think Comics are getting kind of Frustrated right now with the censorship Thing with YouTube and Instagram getting To monetize or getting de-platformed Saying that our jokes or hate speech and Really really just trying to make people Laugh so I'm just trying out every new Platform uh I can to see what's going Inside of dirty photos or dirty videos

We'll have some dirty jokes on there Because a lot of people on Twitter are Being dorks and they're being snitches And they're not letting us But also we're forcing jokes on people In the middle of the day they maybe Aren't asking for us I'm in the only Fans I like it I mean I mean only fans Is given more money to women than most Hollywood Who's who's content on only fans because I'm interested in this you said you said You're on there whose content are you Like yo this is content Cardi B it's good enough for me I just Do she's my I go wherever cardi B goes She's in north stock yes why not if it Doesn't work out it doesn't work out but Only fans as of now is like giving extra Cash to teachers that are underpaid and You know like their options are to you Know I've seen I've seen I know I know What you're referring to I think this is A new frontier and I think you're a Pioneer my friend oh thank you so much Okay one time hit me up start taking a Shower it won't this will not be where You see Listen we love you lose my subscribers

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