Will Smith Visits Lakers, Talks Togetherness, Gratitude | TMZ TV

Will Smith met with the Los Angeles Lakers so Lakers haven't exactly had the Greatest start to their season oh and Four they're Owen four now shout out to The guy at the gym who mentioned it So before they lost their fourth game They had a team meeting with Will Smith Is a team meeting or a screening of Emancipation I thought they screened the Movie but obviously Will Smith he talks To the guys no effect because then they Go they play the Denver Nuggets and they Lose 110 to 99 and now they're 0-4 They're just about if fairness Denver is The odds on favor to win the entire Title it was in Denver so can I ask you A question what are the Clippers doing Clippers are better the Clippers are Better than the Lakers wow they've never Won anything ever but yet on paper They're bad who at the gym came up to You and was talking the Lakers no nobody Talked to him he overheard someone Else's car These two guys were talking next to me Harvey's just like The funniest thing is when they said it I thought God I wonder if I could use This

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