Wiz Khalifa Told Ty Dolla $ign to Get a Helmet After Skateboard Scare | TMZ

How are you how have you been I've been Good how about you I agree I know you Linked up with Ty dolls and after he got Out of the hospital I mean I mean how's He doing he's good he ate [ __ ] on the Skateboard you know anybody who skates They they know that that happens and the Cool part about it is he was like um I'm gonna get back on the skateboard so You know yeah of course he's not he's Not too [ __ ] up I mean are you gonna Stay away from the skateboards no I'll Be skating I'll be scared like a [ __ ] I told him to wear a helmet Though that's true that's good advice Okay Safety First yeah of course I mean You talked about not wearing you know Flashy jewelry and your values I mean What made you change your outlook on That my friend I couldn't explain it was Like you know this is smart I mean why is that smart though I mean Is that some advice you'd give to like The younger rappers like maybe stay away From the flashy jewelry a little bit That's my advice for myself you can do What the hell you want to do yeah I get You I mean does that I gotta ask does That include Balenciaga too maybe like I Said you do what the hell you want to do I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do but I'm Gonna get out of here before all right Next question what about what's coming Up for the Multiverse I mean oh uh we

Got another tour coming up we got more Merch dropping uh I got a movie coming Out next week I mean next year uh that's Gonna be in theaters around March so It's a couple couple new things I got a Bunch of new music coming out as well so Hell yeah all right well thank you so Much

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