Wrestler Kevin Von Erich Loves Zac Efron’s Depiction Of Him In New Film | TMZ

You know these guys are that's it's Going to be a hard job I think it's a Lot of information and a lot of time and So you know they've got some tough work Ahead of them but I saw a picture of of The guy he looked great man I don't Think I ever looked that good so but I I Think they're they're going to do great I'll bet they do I talked to the Director seemed like a really nice guy And I was never a bodybuilder you know I Just wanted to lift and so that could be Better at what I did you know and and And you know it makes makes life better When you're in shape and you can do Things you know I mean it's always best To be as strong as you can stay in top Condition we all did that but as far as He is concerned I really uh I just saw this picture and he looks Really good and muscular and so my Daughters told me that you know he's you Know doing quite a few in the but I so I Didn't see him before but uh he looked Great though because something else Really be working out hard hey I'll tell You for him to for the picture that they Showed me at first in the picture I saw The other day he must really be working Hard because uh you're right you don't Have a good body so I'm assuming you you Haven't uh spoken directly to Zac Efron Have you no I haven't I haven't spoken My daughters love him so uh and so um

They think he's the right guy to do it But uh I don't know you know I don't Even watch movies nowadays really oh Yeah I'll watch it and it'll be fun We'll all get together Maybe uh watch it out now or we do that Sometimes we have a lot of children here And we have the uh and sometimes we put A big screen up in the yard and we watch Movies outside at night and uh we'll Probably do that with this one it'll be A lot of fun

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