Xzibit Instructs Young Rappers to Spread Unity, Not Hate | TMZ

Exhibit the legend man after so many Years of success what makes you come out Today for something like this oh man Because I don't judge my you know Humanity by success you know what I'm Saying like for sure I guess a lot of People that are hurting right now and a Lot of people that don't have and just Go without and so uh you know we're Doing our part here with Humanity Heroes Putting together these backpacks it's my Second year doing it we did uh 7 000 Last year but now we're doing ten Thousand the the knee keeps growing so It's a great part it's a great Organization to be partnered with and uh You know the Cannabis Community is out Here doing our part so you know it's It's it's it's it's a small drop in the Bucket but you know we do what we can Hey forgiving people some Essentials to Get them off up on their feet you know Can help people get like take them a Long way you know okay it's a great Cause this isn't the only city they're Doing this in right they're doing this All around These backpacks go a little bit Everywhere so it's a global organization But you know this is you know we're Trying to take care of home first you Know and it's uh it's it's a really Really great to see these people come Together and put together these

Backpacks you know it's it's is it is it A uh is it a solution no but we're doing Our part I know you've said recently That you know you got maybe one last Album what do you what do you think is Going to happen after that oh no any Plans yet yeah I'm gonna still do music You know I think it's just about me Putting it together a body of work that I have to go tour and you know like it's It's it's it's time to like spend time With my family and spend time with the People who really support me and love me And uh not saying that my fans don't Love me but I mean I I really feel like This is you know time for me to kind of Spend my time wise yeah it's been a long Long grind yeah day to day every day Yeah hey uh do you have any message to Young rappers these days I know it's a different world I feel Like like you know some people you know Too many too much jewelry can be a Target things like that any message to Them you know it's for success and like Having a longevity I mean I I think Um you know Leave it better than the way you found It yeah right and Um you know take care of each other You know love each other man I mean life Is short Um don't make it shorter so can you tell Me a little bit about the sweatshirt

You're wearing yeah I have a I have a Brand called Napalm um you know we are a Cannabis brand and you know we started In 2020 right before the pandemic and we Were able to survive and so we're still We're still trucking along we got a lot Of like Goodwill in the community so you Know I love building businesses so Napalm is my second iteration of Cannabis so it's been great Yeah [Music] There's one flashlight [Music] [Music]

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