YNW Melly’s Mother Wants Sheriff Investigated After Rapper’s IG Posts | TMZ

Brower shares office definitely needs to Be investigated I mean they they are Making up their own rules we've tried to Go to court about this situation the Judge really doesn't have any uh Jurisdiction when it comes to the jail Because we actually had a hearing about The mistreatment of him and the jail Kind of they make their own rules and I Don't think that's fair because I know That they need to answer to someone too My son has not been convicted of Anything and even other inmates that Have been convicted or anything they Have the right to use a telephone they Have a right to just to be allowed to Write letters to their loved ones to Receive their mail they hold his mail They don't give it to him you know it's Just the things that they're doing is Just it's not right I'm gonna call the Accounting commissioner and anyone and Write a letter to whoever I need to you Know I'm gonna speak with my attorney as Well to see who all we need to get Involved in this to so that he can at Least get his phone privileges back I Mean It's Christmas In Christmas day is my birthday as well I just want to hear my son's voice That's like the the bare minimum I just Want to hear his voice I just want to Hear that he's okay when you saw melly's

Statement just saying how he's been hurt How he's scared for his life as a mother How did that make you feel It's heartbreaking It made me feel completely helpless It's like I feel like it's the worst Feeling in the world to know like you Can't do anything to help your child And he's suffering and I literally help Everybody every day I'm a nurse and it's Like the one person I want to help the Most I can't help them I can't I don't Know what to do

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