YouTuber Eats Bat On Camera, Faces 5 Years in Jail | TMZ TV

YouTubers have gone too far there is a YouTuber who is facing serious jail time After eating a bat on camera and this is Without a doubt the grossest video of The year as you can see she's eating This bat in like this stew of tomatoes And broth what's the crime she was Reportedly arrested for possession of Protected Wildlife carcasses and for Violating the computer-related Crimes Act of 2007. would they send her to Prison for this if she's convicted That's something that happens in some Countries though we have that one Street In Thailand you walk down and they try To like get you to eat weird things like Scorpions and stuff like that so I Wouldn't be surprised that sir don't you Think the tomatoes in it is kind of like A weird movie if you had to prepare a Dish what would you prepare I mean I Wouldn't eat that soup what do you think You'd never hold tomatoes in a soup you Ever had frog legs they taste like Chicken so I'm not I'm not gonna until I Try it my whole takeaway here is that Brendan was following this girl and he Likes watching these videos Foreign He's like I love it when like the legs Are moving and then they swallow it I'm Like oh Brady's also facing five years

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