Yung Gravy Is Doing What With These Bra’s? | TMZ TV

Young gravy rapper did something amazing With the bras that are thrown on stage During all of the performances while on This tour that he's currently on it so Here in Minneapolis and he posted this Video about how Minneapolis topped the Chart they received 159 bras thrown on Stage which was the most at any of the Shows so he says now after Minneapolis Is totaled through this whole tour of The time that they've been collecting Bras he's collected 678 broads what he's Going to do is he's going to match it he Wants to find out how expensive are bras He's going to Total that number up times It times the 678 and donate all that Money to a breast cancer organization So what is he doing with the broad he's Donating them to a women's shelter do They wash them Harvey you can go years Wearing the same bra and never wash it Doesn't that matter if you have bigger Boobs though or not well if you sweat in It yeah if you have small boobs you Don't need to wash it that often right Don't point at anybody yeah why yeah [Music]

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